Winners of this category are organizations which achieved discernible and measureable excellence in their ability to lead their organization in the dawn of the DX economy. Special focus will be given to how they manage the continuous transition from old to new technologies, and from experimental to operational in the context of digital transformation. Leading organizations in this category are abandoning, or have already abandoned, 2 dimensional thinking (e.g. 2 speed IT, bimodal approaches) which treats the management of innovation and operations as separate, unlinked, and unique practices. They undertake successful digital transformation initiatives to drive innovation, to integrate innovations into the existing organization, and to maintain a consistent quality of established IT products and services. While the following areas are part of a continuum, organizations can demonstrate excellence in 1 or various of the following:

  • Digital vision — The IT group and CIO is a critical driver of the leadership mission
  • Innovation — The IT group and CIO as a partner to the business in fostering IT-enabled innovation
  • Integration — The IT group and CIO as the owner of the agile processes that transition new platforms to become stable business services that are the key to DX success
  • Incorporation — The IT group and CIO as a reliable and secure service provider for the established suite of IT-based products and services

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