A responsive and efficient business operations would be the product of the winning organization’s program to leverage digitally connected products/services, assets, people, and trading partners. These organizations are generally focused on developing new products and services by integrating the business’ external digital connections to its markets and suppliers with the internal digital processes and projects that are directly impacted by customer requirements and ecosystem opportunities. The leading KPI here is critical process cycle time as automated and agile processes are the must-haves to lead in the DX economy. There are 5 major areas where organizations can excel:

  • The ability to digitally connect products and services to enable higher levels of customer satisfaction and information-based revenue opportunities.
  • The ability to connect corporate assets to improve effectiveness
  • The ability to digitally connect processes, both intracompany and intercompany, to create a more responsive operating capability and improve productivity.
  • The ability to connect operational decision making to strategies and tactical plans.
  • The ability to shift responsibility for technology governance to operational leadership.

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