IDC is pleased to announce the following winners of the 2017 DX Awards for Korea –


DX Leader – Omni Experience Innovation

Smart Shopper

Lotte Departmental Store is providing Smart Shopper, Smart Locker and Smart Kiosk systems for their stores, applying innovative ICT to improve their shoppers’ shopping experience. The Smart Shopper system allows customers to shop without physically lugging a shopping cart, while the Smart Kiosk system provides menu information and wireless payment based on Bluetooth technology. Implementation of such technologies on a large-scale is not easy, and such success only goes to show that Lotte has truly strived to provide their shoppers with a well-rounded omni-experience.


Dx Leader – Digital Transformer

MomQ – Digital Platform

Yuhan-Kimberly, a traditional home and personal care manufacturer, is now heading to be one of the leaders of Digital Transformation in Korea. The company constructed core digital components such as a company-wide site integration, a linked CRM system and big data analytic systems for their e-commerce sector. Yuhan-Kimberly has been using value created from data to improve momQ, the online shopping mall. The online shopping mall not only has the capability to understand consumer requirements quickly, but also to improve on its products. The extraordinary transformation of the company is praise-worthy.


DX Leader – Information Visionary

Smart Factory Platform

Posco, the world’s forth-largest steelmaker, has been applying ICT to the best steel manufacturing technology. Using their extensive experience and know-how, Posco is now investing in the creation of a Smart Factory, in line with the Forth Industrial Revolution. The smart solution platform, PosFrame, can optimize self-learning and control by collecting and analyzing data within the process itself, all in real-time. The company has managed to achieve data standardization, better data capturing environment, data consistency along with predictive analysis.


DX Leader – Operational Transformation

G-Cloud smart e-Government Project

National Computing and Information Service (NCIS) is the Korean government’s institute responsible for managing the government’s internet data center for e-government services, which is used nationwide by its government employees and all citizens. As an early adopter of new technologies, maintenance costs of these IT infrastructures were increasing rapidly. Disparate and incompatible infrastructures were unable to handle the increased service requests, resulting in constant service failures. Faced with increasing threats, attacks and hardware/software vulnerabilities, traditional infrastructures were unable to sufficiently prevent against critical issues.

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