The Future of Pandemic Management – IDC Infographic

Digital transformation impacts not only business but life as we know it. This has become increasingly apparent with the use of technologies in pandemic management. Additionally, with over 60% of Asia/Pacific’s population living in cities, there is a higher risk of exposure to illnesses.

To address this challenge, IDC predicts that Asia/Pacific cities will spend USD $35 billion on smart city initiatives and USD $7.7 billion on public safety and emergency response. Specifically, digital health – from IoT to robotics and drones – will be a critical enabler in pandemic care management.

Digital Health as a Critical Enabler

Gerald Wang, Head of IDC Asia/Pacific Public Sector for Government Insights and Health Insights, believes that healthcare authorities are realizing that pandemic care is not just about managing health and patient outcomes. Below are some best practices exhibited by cities in China, New Zealand, and the US with respect to pandemic care management.

Pandemic Management Best Practices

Indeed, the future of healthcare is heavily reliant on the use of digital technologies. They will be instrumental in creating an outcome-based model for pandemic care. Below are some key points that governments and healthcare institutions need to be mindful of moving forward:

The Future of Pandemic Management

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