DX Leader

DX Leader

This award recognizes the DX Leader who has played a determining role in setting the vision and responsible for the execution of digital transformation (DX) within an organization. Traditionally, the DX Leader would have the authority in making key decisions such as project focus, vendor selection, budget approvals, the KPIs at which the project is measured against, etc. The DX Leader would be the role model within their organization on how they manage the continuous transition from old to new tech and experimental to operational in the context of DX, empower their employees, and enable and integrate innovations.

In the digital-first world, many applications of technology will not go back to the way they were. In addition to growing attention on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues, aspects of digital risk and impact on competitive differentiators are growing conversations in nearly every boardroom. As a result, these leaders are in the unique position to influence the business direction of their enterprise. In this regard, IDC is recognizing today’s fast-tracked DX Leader who are boldly leading their organization’s DX by responding to the needs of a digital-first world.


The winner of this category must be able to:

  • Enact a digital strategy to the organization’s existing systems. Improve operations by integrating enterprise performance management, application portfolio management, and program/project management practices in real time.
  • Refine and integrate business and IT processes. Automate repetitive manual processes and touchpoints via RPA, self-service, APIs, microservices, and containers.
  • Elevate customer and employee experience. Augment personalization and engagement through data analytics, customer intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, and conversational platforms among others.
  • Create connected digital ecosystems. Rethink enterprise architecture by making nonredundant resilience a priority and redesigning legacy platforms.
  • Focus on digital innovation delivery. Evolve and develop software capabilities through increasing the use of low-code or no-code, externally available code libraries, and Agile/DevOps methodologies.
  • Devise information-based product lines and services extension. Accelerate business model disruption and use evidence-based success metrics to boost the organization’s digitization plan.


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Over the last five years, IDC has received over 5,000 nominations – a glimpse of our digital-first world, where Future Enterprises are changing the face of digital transformation as we know it. Is your organization successfully navigating the digital-first world? Join IDC Future Enterprise Awards and find out.

Over the last four years, IDC has received almost 3,400 nominations – a testament to how the region’s digital agenda is growing, and how the face of DX as we know it is likewise evolving. So why should you join the IDC Future Enterprise Awards?

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