Celebrating Hope and Technology-Enabled Resiliency

For the past three years, IDC Digital Transformation Awards has been the premier award and event platform of choice. It names the who’s who in market innovation and digital transformation excellence in the Asia/Pacific region.

Since its inception, the IDC DX Awards has grown five-fold in scope, reach, and influence. This feat is marked by over 2,100 nominations resulting in 252 winners from 12 countries.

But, 2020 has left all of us forever changed. Amid challenges, it was technology that kept many businesses going. Now more than ever, digital transformation (DX) has been instrumental in keeping organizations running and powering market recoveries across the globe. In light of recent events, we have extended the deadline for nominations to July 31, 2020.

With the theme Champions of the Digital Arena, we’re leveling up our search for Future Enterprises. And this year, we’re celebrating hope and technology-enabled resiliency.

Special Award for Resiliency

Exclusively for 2020, to honor the ability of leading Asia/Pacific enterprises in rapidly transforming their businesses despite difficult times, we have introduced the Special Award for Resiliency. It distinguishes organizations that have shown the ability to adapt and respond to changing circumstances especially during the pandemic, while maintaining the organization’s central purpose, especially for its workforce, customers, and other stakeholders.


To reflect today’s most critical business transformation areas and priorities, we have also added two new categories earlier this year. The DX CEO category recognizes the CEO who has developed a strategy to create a digitally-transformed enterprise. This CEO continuously stresses the need for a digital enterprise as part of the overall brand and strategy in response to the region’s fast-growing digital economy

DX Gamechanger

DX Gamechanger seeks to award organizations that have made become fast-growing market competitors through their DX breakthroughs. Digital vision and acuity allow their business to surpass competition, particularly those with already established DX projects

Given the current economic sentiment, a cause for celebration would be more than welcome. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and nominate your organization. A big stage awaits the victorious.