Digital Makeover in a Changed World

In 2015, we launched the DX MaturityScape to assess where they were as far as digital transformation (DX) is concerned. Two years later, we created the IDC DX Awards.

But as we saw in 2020, DX has been accelerated at an unprecedented pace. Because of this, we are entering the new horizon of digital transformation, which is why the IDC DX Awards has evolved into the IDC Future Enterprise Awards.

DX Acceleration in Asia/Pacific

The heightened pace of DX in Asia/Pacific broadened the gap between this region and the rest of the world. As seen in IDC’s Crisis to Recovery framework, 46.3% of APAC companies are at the Next Normal stage (or the post-COVID-19 vaccine world).

The Era of the Future Enterprise

The Future Enterprise (FE) is IDC’s vision on how firms should organize and invest to participate in increasingly digitally-centric markets. The digital tenets of the Future Enterprise are resilient, connected, agile, responsive, innovative, empathetic, trustworthy, and learning.

Based on IDC’s surveys, the number of pillars that organizations would have to master to become a Future Enterprise are embodied in the different Future of X (FoX) areas.

One of IDC’s key predictions is that by end of 2022, at least 65% of Asia/Pacific GDP will be derived from digital products, services, and experiences. This would entail corresponding investments to be made in digital technologies. For this reason, IDC foresees that the three key themes for 2021 would be Digital Resiliency, Digital Acceleration, and Digital Adaptation.

The Race Towards Becoming a Future Enterprise

Some examples of leading organizations across Asia/Pacific that have been recognized during the IDC DX Awards 2020 include UnionBank of the Philippines, New Zealand Inland Revenue Department, and SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Company.

By putting people at the core and technology at the fore, UnionBank continuously upskills its employees and equips them with the necessary tools to empower them in a rapidly changing landscape.

Meanwhile, New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD) simplified its workflows through digital technologies so that more SMEs can access their services.

Finally, SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Company exemplified its ability to create new products, services, and experiences in the digital-first economy by creating smart factories, sharing data across the ecosystem, and fostered sustainable partnerships with new entities.

Gearing Up for the New Normal

The journey to becoming a Future Enterprise is no longer an aspiration, but a foregone conclusion.

After five years of seeking Asia/Pacific’s top DX innovators, IDC Asia/Pacific undergoes its own digital makeover starting with its awards program to better capture the shifting innovation priorities in a changed world.

With this, IDC has unveiled 13 new categories as part of the IDC Future Enterprise Awards. Examples are Best in Future of Connectedness, Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure, Best in Future of Digital Innovation, and Best in Future of Industry Ecosystems.

What's In It For You

The winners of the IDC Future Enterprise Awards will be awarded on IDC Arena – an exclusive, intuitive, data-driven content hub that creates synergy for events and thought leadership content and will be featured in IDC Originals – a game-changing web series.

Furthermore, tech vendors and end-users alike would enjoy premium mileage provided by the IDC Digital Transformation Summit as noted by its nominations, total views, and average time spent on IDC Arena.

What’s more, the IDC Future Enterprise Awards is free-of-charge and is not a pay-to-play program. IDC does not give preference to any particular category of organizations and the judging process does not take into account the technology brand or partner that implemented a specific initiative, project, or program.

Each nomination is assessed based on its outcomes with direct links to the performance achieved as a result of the product, service, or solution adopted. So what are you waiting for? Nominate your organization now!

Watch the on-demand A Guide to the Future Enterprise: What it is, and What the Next Horizon of Digital Transformation Means for You webinar here.