Fulfilling the Digital Transformation (DX) Strategic Priority of Experiential Engagement

Welcome to Part 3 of this 5-Part blog series on Digital Transformation (DX). Picking up from where Part 2 left off, this blog focuses on one of the three strategic priorities for the digital transformation of the enterprise – Experiential Engagement, the blending of digital and physical in consumer engagement.

Omni-Experience Superseded by Experiential Commerce

Up until this point, the number one goal of enterprises has been omni-channel transformation. Leading organizations have worked towards bringing together internet, mobile, brick and mortar channels to create a single view of the customer. As innovation involves and consumers crave more integration, convenience, and immediate gratification, so do expectations for the enterprise. Leading organizations are now setting their eyes on blending the digital and physical to enable commerce in the stream of life.

Macy’s is one such organization with its pilot of a cognitive mobile web tool in 10 US stores. The tool allows customers to input questions in natural language regarding where specific products, departments, and brands are located. In return, they receive customized relevant responses. The initiative is based on the reality that consumers are habitually turning to their smartphones first before seeking a store associate for help when out at a physical retail store.

Experiential Engagement is a rapidly evolving strategic priority that requires the following set of IT capabilities to support it:

  • Sensing Capabilities. A set of processes, governance, and technologies to understand how your customers engage with your offerings, when they are adopting emerging technology, and how they want to see your products evolve.
  • Innovation Capabilities. A set of skills and technologies to create those blended digital and physical experiences. It requires a team that does not just analyze the data, but makes recommendations to customers. The technologies are supported by good UX design, API design and leverage newest technologies such as AI and digital assistants
  • Orchestrating Capabilities. A set of processes, governance, and technologies to make sure you are creating a single experience for your customers. It involves someone who owns the CX, manages the customer data, and orchestrates the processes to create a single experience

Get started in building these capabilities by determining where your offerings fit into the consumer’s stream of life.
Monitor consumer adoption of new technologies by understanding the process by which technologies are discovered, adopted, and integrated to augment consumer life.

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Meredith Whalen is Senior Vice President for IDC’s IT Executive Program and Industry, Software and Services Research & CIO Executive Council.

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